Develop the Person and the Employee Will Show Up 
by Vickie Bouffard

As leaders, we have heard the phrase “develop your team” or “develop your people.” It’s on your performance appraisal, and your superiors appraise how well you develop the skills, knowledge, competencies, and attitudes of your team members. Most managers focus on technical skills but often overlook an incredible opportunity for coaching toward a “growth mindset” in their employees, which fully unleashes an employee’s potential as a whole. 

How Do We Develop Our People? 
 Develop the person into a highly confident, highly functional, and productive individual through their mindset. It’s essential to see the team member as a person first. Develop the person, and they will show up as a high performing employee every day. Look deeper at your team members. Can you see them struggling with something? Does this struggle perhaps show up outside of work? How or where does it show up? How does it impact the team member when this struggle occurs? How does the team member think about this struggle? Does their mindset need to “delete” old tapes? Can you help record a new mp-3 to improve their mind and performance? 
Obstacles Everywhere 
 As an example, Jane was a hard-working, conscientious, dependable team member. She had a great attitude; if you needed something extra done, she was on it. She was a manager’s dream team member. After reviewing her loan pipeline, some loans were not moving down the loan production line. What’s going on? She had high production numbers, but some files just were pushed to the side for some reason. A conversation revealed that when Jane got stuck, she didn’t know what to do. So she pushed the file to the side, to keep her numbers up via the cases that didn’t include any issues. Once the file demand became overwhelming, these troubled files starting stacking up. 

Coaching and Mentoring 
 Jane and I agreed that when she got stuck, she would let me know. Together we would determine which course of action to take. Over time Jane became more confident with troubleshooting obstacles. Because of the additional guidance, she was walking 10 feet taller! 

Parting Words  
When Jane took the next step in her career, she left me with these parting words: “Thank you for teaching me how to get around obstacles. Now I get around obstacles at home too!” Obstacles stopped her in all aspects of her life, not just loan files. 

Ensure you help support a healthy mindset in each of your employees. Take your teaching, coaching, and mentoring more seriously. As leaders, we teach life skills, not just how to do the job. Take your leading, coaching, and training to a new, more meaningful level when you develop and support the person. When you develop the person, the employee shows up tenfold, just as Jane did!

Go, TEAM, Go Let's Run to the Finish Line!