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Who Is Vickie Bouffard

My specialty is creating calm out of the chaos! As an accomplished leader who guides teams through unexpected events, I channel associate anxiety into productivity, streamline over-burdened processes and systems, and innovate change to create a stable and productive work environment where everyone feels valued.   


People—Creating the Calm

Using both sides of emotional intelligence, I connect with the team and meet associates where they are—emotionally. I gently pull team members up and out of fear, focus their attention on the vision, goals, and daily plans to transform their anxiety into productivity. 


I have a track record of building winning teams in times of crisis. During massive layoffs, I improved team performance by 86% within six weeks. I build trust and respect with team members by communicating what I can, maintaining transparency when possible, demonstrating strength through my vulnerability—without self-pity, and displaying courage and productive action. In essence, I connect with my team each day and lead by example.


Process Improvement

My skills lend to streamlining the process, procedure, and compliance functions of my team while implementing cost control initiatives. During times of crisis, process and systems are many times stressed to max capacity causing backlogs, re-works, and work stoppages. These challenges increase poor morale, cause more anxiety, and costly turnover, with the potential for customer loss. I roll up my sleeves to investigate backlogs and re-works, identify risk, and collaborate with cross-functional managers to make nimble, calculated decisions to simplify the process and keep costs in check.


My leadership saved a Fortune 50 company $3.7 million per year in operating costs while motivating the team to run to the finish line to achieve top performer month-over-month for four consecutive years. 


I generate success because my energy, enthusiasm, and positivity are contagious!  It motivates and inspires a winning mindset, excellence, and creates excitement. I can get the team really excited about vision, goals, and strategic plans. Go, Team, Go! 


Skill Set—Why I’m Unique 

I am also a professional trainer and coach. My passion for filling in the missing personal and professional development pieces of my team members consistently drives members and team performance. When people feel confident, excited, and appreciated, they want to come to work! 


For Fun....a video 


Go, TEAM, GO!! 


Email me at [email protected] to explore a new sense of calm.

Core Competencies               

Strategic Planning/Project Execution — Employee Engagement — Change Management — Crisis Management — Budgeting/Cost Control Acumen — Dynamic Team Leadership & Development — Innovative Problem Solver — Decision Maker — Process Improvement — Sales — Customer Service — Quality Assurance — Training & Development — Operations — Capacity & Resource Planning — Stakeholder Analysis — Compliance — Resistance Management